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leaning-slideWe couldn’t be prouder of all the hard work the participating members did in the last 8 weeks.  Cleaning out the processed food, eating lots of veggies, fruits and some nuts plus learning how to increase daily protein.  The numbers speak volumes as to the results you can achieve by eating a Paleo Diet and getting in your daily WOD.   Congrats to First Place winners Cat Allen-Devries and  Zach Koehler and 2nd Place winners Tricia Krug and Dustin Krug!    After reviewing the before and after photos – boy what a hard job as everyone made such remarkable changes in their physiques, the top 2 Bests were Beth Koehler and Celeste Dorman!  As a group they shed 203.2 pounds of fat!!!! and gained 34.6 pounds of lean muscle mass!!!


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