Paleo (Pay-Lee-OH) and Healthy Eating:

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So I have been starting to get asked by all of you about nutrition.  In the next couple of weeks we will begin an 8 week leaning contest.  This will give each of you a chance to explore healthy eating through a “Paleo” eating plan.  It is also a great chance to jump start your metabolism and kick sugar/unhealthy processed food to the curb.

A friend Genelle Vince, from CrossFit Monrovia recently had an article featured by Google.  Take the time to read and hear how CrossFit and an 8 week Paleo challenge changed her physique.  She is a beautiful CrossFit Chick prior to the leaning, but check out those defined guns after!


before after


  1. Carrie Morton says:

    I’m game! Sorry I missed today; work gets in the way 🙁

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